Content Licensing Services

Whether you are an application developer, mobile operator, website, Cable Company or any other service provider in need of professional Arabic cinema content in English, French and Arabic languages, has the content you need to attract new visitors and grow your business. content includes
TV guide service

Showtimes for Movies and TV series on major channels.
Full TV grid for more than 60 channels (number varies according to availability)
Full service including TV programs and other shows

Movies / TV series profiles

Complete details for all movies and TV series included in the TV guide service. Most profiles are available in Arabic, English and French.

Movie / TV Information: Movie Poster, Rating, Stills, Cast, Movie Plot, Genre, Critic (based on availability)

Celebrity Profiles

Filmography Credits, Biographies, Birthdays, Nicknames and more.
Entertainment news and articles generates around 300 articles per month all related to the entertainment industry in USA.
Most articles are available in Arabic, French and English
Articles include exclusive interviews and coverage for the movie industry in USA.

USA box office (weekly)

Weekly box office of the USA movie theaters for both Arabic and International movies
Content Delivery

Licensed data is delivered via a web service which provides customers with real-time access to XML structured data. We do not provide static, flat data feeds. In order to access’s licensed data, you will need to be able to implement a web service by using protocols such as SOAP, REST or Query. Licensing customers usually update their data set once per week, though more frequent updates may be available if required.
Multilingual content

Arabic, English and French